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Highlights to Stay safe at the Mall

Criminals who target shoppers in crowded malls are attracted to a target who seems distracted. When a criminal is identifying a target in mall that is full of shoppers, they are likely to go for one who looks distracted. When a shopper is struggling to carry many shopping bags on their own, a criminal is likely to get an urge of following the shopper in order to steal from them. Some circumstances can be favorable for a criminal to harm and steal from a shopper. To stay safe as you shop, you can follow the tips mentioned below.

Park your car in an area that has enough lighting. A parking that has guards is also a good place. If you can identify an area close to the exit or entrances of the mall, it will be better so that when you want to leave you will not have to wait for a long time before the exit opens up Idling and spending more time in the parking lot makes criminals target you.

When you are leaving the mall and realize the it is dark and you are carrying many bags, request for help from a guard to help you to where you parked your car. Before the guard leaves, check around, under and inside your car to see if anyone is hiding there.

Try to cover them any valuable items that you leave in the car or keep them in the trunk. Covering electronics, and purses reduces the chances of a criminal breaking into your car.

Take care while you shop in the mall, because the people around you have various intentions. A major distraction as you are in the mall are the things we are buying and the transactions we are making. Your money can be stolen while you are busy. Do not ignore any suspicious behavior.

Do not use routes that are isolated. When forced to use a bathroom, look for one in a hotel or places frequented by people.

Do not put valuable items such as your wallets, purses or phones on the trolley as you shop.

Do not leave your children unattended. There are predators targeting them in the malls. Avoid using babysitters as you shop.

before you start shopping in a mall, find out about how security is in the area where it is located. Find out if there are stations for security around the shopping mall, because you might need them if caught in an emergency.

When going to shop, carry as little as possible in your wallet. In the case where you become of robbery, you will not lose everything. These tips can be useful for anyone wishing to stay safe as they shop.